Bullet Journal pages for travelling

Travelling is something you look forward to and eagerly anticipate.
In order not to lose the overview, I have three bullet journal pages for you that will prepare you for your next journey.

Bullet Journal inspiration – May 2021

Bulletjournal Cover May Scotland

You have wanderlust and would like to integrate your next travel destination in your bullet journal? Here you will find a Bullet Journal setup with many landscapes and various weekly overviews.

23 Things to Do Before 2023

23 things to do before 2023

A new year is upon us and many will set themselves new resolutions. Since these are quickly forgotten over the year, I have created a bullet journal page with 23 things to do before 2023 for us. Let us pursue our goals together.

Bullet Journal Inspiration – February 2021

A little bit extravagant, glittery and at the same time useful bullet journal design for February. You want tp experiment with watercolours but don’t know how to use them yet? This design ist just for you.

How to Start a Book Journal

how to bookjournal

You read a lot of books and lose track of all the stories, plotlines or your personal highlights?
Here you will find a first overview of how you can start your book journal.