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This Minimalist Bullet Journal Setup for 2023 is a bullet journal I gave away for Christmas 2022. Here you will find a Future Log with lots of space for events, to-do's or other things. There is also a list of 23 things you should do in 2023 and a simple period tracker. All without a lot of frills, but with plenty of room for personal design options.

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My Bullet Journal pages for May are slightly different from the previous pages. I will officially show you some not so nice pages. I had an uncreative phase and here are very much their overviews, which I found useful and helpful during this time.
March is subtle and simple. Since Corona has made my everyday life a bit confusing, my weekly overviews are more compact. The month is decorated with different triangles and a mocha-brown.

All you need is love. And a Bullet Journal. Must have a Bullet Journal.