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2021 - New Year, New Chance, New Bullet Journal. Unused, blank pages and the possibility to create something from scratch. It is time to set up a complete new journal for this new year. This time it is minimalistic with useful pages, beautiful lettering and lot's of space to make this year an amazing year.

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My Bullet Journal pages for May are slightly different from the previous pages. I will officially show you some not so nice pages. I had an uncreative phase and here are very much their overviews, which I found useful and helpful during this time.
March is subtle and simple. Since Corona has made my everyday life a bit confusing, my weekly overviews are more compact. The month is decorated with different triangles and a mocha-brown.
I still haven't had enough golden overviews for this year, so February will be gold too! Here you can find my February overviews with black and gold accents and flower drawings.

All you need is love. And a Bullet Journal. Must have a Bullet Journal.