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This Minimalist Bullet Journal Setup for 2023 is a bullet journal I gave away for Christmas 2022. Here you will find a Future Log with lots of space for events, to-do's or other things. There is also a list of 23 things you should do in 2023 and a simple period tracker. All without a lot of frills, but with plenty of room for personal design options.

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The golden hour when the summer sun turns night into day. Here you will find a Bullet Journal setup with geometric patterns and red-yellow accents - the colours of the setting sun in summer.
Travelling is something you look forward to and eagerly anticipate. In order not to lose the overview, I have three bullet journal pages for you that will prepare you for your next journey.
You have wanderlust and would like to integrate your next travel destination in your bullet journal? Here you will find a Bullet Journal setup with many landscapes and various weekly overviews.

All you need is love. And a Bullet Journal. Must have a Bullet Journal.