How to import GoodNotes templates

If you’re a fan of taking your notes digitally, then you’re no stranger to GoodNotes. The app for the iPad is perfect for all kinds of notes and offers a lot of functions.
The app offers pretty much any kind of paper template you could want for notes. From squared to dotted to monthly planners, there is a super wide selection. But no matter how you spin it, it’s all just “naked” templates.

Online you can find a lot of templates that you can import into GoodNotes. At this point I would like to advertise my own Etsy shop. Here you can also find templates for Daily To Do Lists that you can download.

GoodNotes Screenshot for importing templates

Add custom templates to the template library

  1. Open GoodNotes and go to the overview for your documents.
  2. In the upper right corner you will find a wheel icon. Tap on it and click on “Notebook Templates”.
  3. In the window that open the first step depends on whether you want to create a template for a cover or for a paper.
    If adding as custom covers: tap the Default Cover preview in the upper section.
    If adding as custom papers: tap the Default Paper preview. → We assume that you want to add a new paper template. Your selection should look like the screenshot.
  4. Now select the format, colour and alignment for the template you want to import using the drop-down selections.
  5. Below the template selection you will now find many templates that GoodNotes provides or that you may have already imported yourself. These are divided into different categories. Choose the category that best suits your new template.
    Tip: You can also add your own category by clicking on the “+” in the upper right corner. You could name this “My Templates” or “To Do Lists”.
  6. To add your new template, scroll horizontally to the end of the list.
  7. Click on “+ Import” and then on “From Photos/ Files” (depending on where you saved the file).
    Tip: To get the most out of the template, import a PDF file instead of a photo.
  8. Now your files or photos open and you can select the file you want to insert. For files with more than one page, only the first page is imported.


You can delete added templates and also existing GoodNotes templates at any time by going back to the overview with all templates (step 2) and clicking on “Edit” in the upper right corner. Simply select the template you no longer want and click on the trash icon.

I hope the short tutorial has helped you and now you can get started productively with your GoodNotes templates. Xo – L.

And if you prefer to take notes in your bullet journal instead of digitally, here’s some inspiration on how to create daily To Do Lists: Easy Daily To Do List

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