How to create easy Christmas Cards

You want to send homemade Christmas cards?

Especially these days, there’s something appealing about sending handmade Christmas cards. It is a beautiful gesture that conveys personality without having to be there in person.
If it happens again this year that you are not allowed to visit your loved ones, then you can send some love like this.

Since I haven’t had the time myself and couldn’t decide how to design my Christmas cards yet, I’ve put together a small selection of great tutorials for you. All credits go to the artists on TikTok.

Christmas Cards Inspiration


DIY Christmas Card with christmas tree

If you don’t have a TikTok yourself or are looking for concrete instructions, here are two concrete instructions that you can easily follow:

Easy Christmas Tree

The first tutoarial is from Colorcat Lettering and super easy. All you need are different coloured pens, a plate, washi tape and water.

In the first step, take the Washi Tape and stick a triangle onto your paper. The thin tip should point upwards. This is the border for your Christmas tree.
Then draw some areas on the plate with the different pens. Make sure that the areas do not touch each other.
Take a brush and mix the first coloured area with water. Don’t use too much water, because the more water you use, the lighter the colour will be.
Now paint horizontal stripes with this colour on the masked surface. Paint as many stripes as you like.

Now repeat the process with all the colours until the entire triangle is filled.
When you are happy with the stripes, you can peel off the washi tape.
You are almost done.
All you have to do now is write your Christmas greeting underneath and decorate the background with small stars or circles.
A tip: since you don’t have to mix the paint separately, you can paint only a few stripes at first. You can add more later.


How to create a christmas card

Easy Christmas Gifts

The second Christmas card is a tutorial from cardsandnotes.

For this you need some coloured pens and a fineliner. Choose six or nine colours that go well together. With each colour, draw a box in the upper half of the sheet.
I have a total of 6 boxes that are all about 3×3 cm. You could also paint 9 boxes that are all a little smaller.
Then take your fineliner and draw the outline of a gift on each box.
You don’t have to draw neatly – On the contrary – The messier you paint it, the better the overall combination will look.

Then draw your Christmas greetings underneath. I recommend a combination of large caps and squiggly lettering.

Will you be sending Christmas cards this year?? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, Xo — L.

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