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Hello sunshine!

Today we’re starting a new series on this blog. Currently I have holidays which means that I have a lot of time, to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone (well, after a week of wallowing in my comfort zone with movies and chocolate).

I want to be more creative and so I developed my „art challenge“.

Basically, this challenge is nothing new – challenging oneself to be better. And I got inspired by many videos on youtube doing different challenges regarding art.
First of all, I want to start with an art style I have never touched so far. Of course, we all tried a lot of different art movements in school but even there we never tried this one.

I’m talking about digital art or digital drawing.
I got a graphic tablet a few months ago and never tried it since then. It is so different than „normal“ drawing because this tablet has no screen. So you need to change your eye-hand-coordination. And this is so difficult for me and I felt overwhelmed.
After scrolling through all these art challenge videos I found one for digital art where you have to draw yourself digital in different styles and this is exactly what I will try to do!

digital art challenge part 1


Let’s start easy. May I present to you: me as a Power Puff Girl!

These little superheroes don’t have any complicated body shapes or proportions, which makes it easy to start and get into it. Moreover, you won’t have to make any shadows or draw particularly detailed. The hands and legs don’t have any fingers or even a realistic form. This little girl was perfect for the first step into the digital drawing!

digital art challenge part 2


Second of all, I decided to go for the style of Adventure time.

Honestly, I have never seen an episode of these series, but I found so much about the figures on Pinterest that I know how they look like and I analysed the typical body shapes.
For example, the faces are rather ball-shaped and everything is made very simple. There is no complicated facial expression and thanks to my chosen image section I don’t have to draw any hands or other limbs.

digital art challenge part 3


Ok, now we’re coming to the serious part. It is time for The Simpsons.

One of the series where I never missed an episode and it accompanied me through my whole childhood.
Most important: the yellow skin color, which makes every Simpson character so unique.
It wasn’t that easy to find a Simpson figure for referencing, wearing glasses without looking like a nerd. Of course, I know that my glasses are conspicuous but I don’t want to look like an idiot.
So I had to find another solution to realize the glasses I wanted to have.

Moreover, it was the first picture with a real shading to make it look more vivid. I really struggled with that part because I don’t like hard edges although the original Simpson drawing has them.
In the end, I got the effect I wanted to have by using the blurring filter.


For me, the most important drawing is my Pokemon Trainer.

I have loved the series and I have played almost every game. I’ve never been the best or played it to the very end, but it means a lot to me and it is one of those games I really like to play.

Now the face got way more realistic than the first ones and especially the eyes were complicated. Although I never wear any hats I wanted that girl to have a bandana to make it even more obvious that she is a Pokemon Trainer. And I thought that she should not be wearing just a bright pink shirt, so she got her jacket and a black shirt underneath to look more like a serious trainer fighting against Pokemon 😀


The last one has been the most difficult one: Winx.

I liked this series about fairies and in terms of art, it has a unique style. It looks more feminine but edged.

The faces are elegant and I couldn’t find any Winx fairy with glasses – seems like fairies have perfect eyes. And so I needed to improvise again.
All the girls have extremely long hair and I didn’t want to go without that just because my hair is not that long. Call it an artistic license.

And this is it – 5 different styles of myself and all drawn digital.

I’m so happy that I finally dared it. It took me so much time to find the perfect inspirations and implement everything how I wanted it. I had good references which made it very easy and it was not my goal to create something from scratch but I like the results. And I’m surprised that you can exactly see which one is which series.
I love it!

It was so much fun to try digital drawing and I will keep doing to get better. But now I’m excited about the next challenge and I hope you liked it as much as I did!

See you next time!♥

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