Bullet Journal – 50 monthly theme ideas

Hello sunshine!

today it’s all about a Bullet Journal. The beautiful thing about a Bullet Journal is that you can create or decorate it however you want it.
I have been using this system for more than 3 years and during the time I got more and more creative and confident. I found my way to design this journal most effective for me. And still, I have days where I have no idea what to draw or which theme to chose for the month.

To prevent this, I share 50 monthly theme ideas with you!

bullet journal monthly theme ideas

Today, I will not have a picture for every design idea, but a list with theme ideas you can choose from. I have tried to sort it by category … but you will see that it wasn’t successful 😀


  • peony
  • rose
  • tulip
  • sunflower
  • hydrangea
  • rapeseeds
  • leaves
  • ferny
  • cherry blossom
  • eucalyptus
  • cacti


  • Disney (princesses, classics, Marvel,…)
  • Harry Potter
  • Game of Thrones


  • constellation
  • stars
  • planets
  • universe/ galaxy
  • astronauts


  • clouds
  • snow
  • rain
  • sunrise/ sunset
  • waves
  • mountains
  • cities of Europe
  • USA
  • travel


  • whales/ dolphins
  • flamingos
  • jellyfish
  • mermaids
  • birds
  • feathers
  • butterflies


  • coffee
  • time/ watch
  • crystals
  • fashion
  • girl power
  • origami paper
  • books
  • dream catcher
  • lamps


  • sweets
  • fruits
  • ice cream
  • everything in a jar

Please, don’t forget that it is your bullet journal and you create whatever you like to do. Your Bullet Journal – Your choice!

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