Bullet Journal inspiration – September 2020

Hello and welcome to my September Plan with me!

And again a month has passed and I have not managed to photograph my Bullet Journal before. As before, I will of course make up for it. I have to say: I am very happy with the design this month and think it is very pretty!

If I had to give this month a title, it would be a mixture of pink mountains with gold accents. To be honest I was most inspired by new stickers from the German shop “idee“, which I treated myself to.  As a highlight color this month I have chosen a Tombow in number 772 and a golden gel pencil.

I can only recommend everyone to just go to an art supply shop and buy something that looks nice – it gives an incredible amount of motivation and inspiration.

BuJo Cover Page with quote

The cover page

The cover page this month is very simple and plain. On the left side, I have painted a quotation in a box. It reads: “The universe sends us exactly what we are ready for at the exact time we need it in our lives“.

I think it is exactly the right time for such a statement. I mean: who is not feeling this way? Corona and the year 2020 in general have already confronted us with so many challenges and we have never been in such a situation as now. Everyone is struggling with some problems. For me, it is currently very stressful and emotionally exhausting, but I firmly believe that I will emerge from this situation stronger and grow from it.
On the right side, I used the first sticker of my new sticker set and integrated it into a sketch of mountains. I found the idea for this in one of my old Bullet Journals. Here you can see the original picture.

The monthly overview and a new habit tracker

In September I tried a new version of the tracker for the first time. But first the most important thing: my monthly overview.
For this month it was back to the roots. A vertical overview of everything coming up this month. No matter if work, hobby, or health – everything comes into this overview.

On the right side is my great new tracker overview. Inspired by Coffee and Sarcasm, I decided to create a multi-factor overview. What does this mean?

In my tracker, you will find 4 different graphs. The bar chart shows my sleep depending on how many hours I slept. Then there is the graph with the triangles as points. This is my step number. The circles are my activity level. For this, I have thought about a scale on a sticky note and classified my level accordingly every day. And the dotted line is my weight.

The weekly overviews:

I can actually already show you many different week overviews, as I have already used some of them (as I am, as always, way too late with my blog post). But your advantage: you get extra inspiration ;D

Weekly overview variant 1:

Since I have treated myself to new stickers this month, I wanted to use them of course. To break it up a little bit, I cut the circles in half and glued them close to each other. On one half is the first letter of the day and on the other side the date. I then separated the days themselves with a mountain range. For this, I simply used the same style of the mountain sketch as on the cover page. And so I always had half a page per day, which

Weekly overview variant 2:

I have integrated my stickers here as well. This time I stuck one-half of the circles under a box each day. In the box are all my fixed dates and workouts for this week and below that I have listed all my to-do’s. I personally prefer to have a vertical half each day. Somehow I have the feeling to have more space.
What do you say? Did you prefer to split your page vertically or horizontally?

Weekly overview variant 3:

In the third week, I just wanted to have something more pop and paint a little more myself. So I took up the theme of mountains and made two sketches and in between I painted the dates in pink. I think the drop shadow gives the letters something very cool. It looks very different from everything else I do. Somehow I like it.
Funny way, I liked it while painting but only for 4 days. Friday and the weekend look completely different. Friday and the weekend looks completely different. So I just painted a pink pattern and put stickers on it.

Which weekly overview do you like best? Until next time. – L.

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