Bullet Journal inspiration – October 2020

Hello and welcome to my October Plan with me!

After my September became very colorful and gaudy towards the end, it was time for me to take a new direction: still a lot of decoration, but this time more muted and gentle.
But one thing at a time. If you’re wondering now what my September Bullet Journal setup looked like, you’re welcome to take a look here.

My inspiration for this month came from Caitlin on the YouTube channel Caitlin’s Corner. Her channel is a huge recommendation anyway. You are guaranteed to find inspiration for everything to do with organization, bullet journal, time, and money management. I am a huge fan!

Yes, so all in all, this month for me it was: tear it up and glue it in. I glued in lots of black paper, kraft paper, and old book pages and then decorated them. In retrospect, it’s sometimes a bit too much for me, but it was a great experience to play with different materials.

Just have a look at it yourself 😀

Month at a glance

My monthly overview in October is very similar to the overview in September! The calendar overview is on the left side. Divided into two columns, it is a vertical overview of all dates without any subdivisions. On the right side is again the multi-factor tracker I introduced last month. For a more detailed explanation, take a look at my September setup again.

Overall I found this kind of overview very helpful last month and it just worked. True to the motto “Never Change A Willing Team”, I will stick to this setup. Even if I don’t like this page that much visually.

Weekly spreads

For this month I have again many different versions of the weekly overviews. Somehow I have not yet found the optimal overview for me. Sometimes I only need half a page for one day and on other days I could fill 3 pages.
That’s why some pages came in between, which I don’t find so nice. But now I show you my more beautiful pages to inspire you 😉

For the first overview, I decided to cut the pages in half horizontally. That means the upper half is day 1 and the lower half is day 2. The days themselves I wrote with stamps and the Monday I stamped on an extra sheet to place it clearly visible on the kraft paper.

The other overview is divided vertically. This time I used the upper part for all to-do’s and decorated only the lower border. Therefore I glued my different kinds of paper to the outer corners and connected them with wavy lines. The waves differ in thickness and are not drawn very accurately, but as if I had trembled while drawing. This gives the whole thing a very organic effect. In the lower-left corner, you can read the quote “Fall is my favourite colour” fitting to autumn.

Even though I tried out a lot this month and glued in a lot, the colour palette is very muted. A lot of brown and black. For the brown accents I used my Tombow 992. I ordered the kraft paper on Amazon and the pad with the black paper is from Boesner.

What do you think about sticking something into the Bullet Journal? Do you do it regularly?

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