Bullet Journal inspiration – November 2020

I love November. Drizzle and fog – that’s how I like it. Welcome to my November setup.

November is one of the best months for me. I like it very much when it starts to smell like cold and it is always a bit damp and grey outside. During this time, I would love to snuggle up in front of an open window and just enjoy the day.

Unfortunately, my November will offer little time to enjoy. There are many deadlines, meetings, and projects to be completed. And of course, as has been the case all year: Corona makes everything more difficult.

Actually, I would have gone on holiday in November. It all had to be canceled and now I’m stuck here in Germany. That makes wanderlust all the greater.
Accordingly, my mood at the beginning of the month was pretty bad. I had no time to think up elaborate designs. So this month everything is very minimalistic and practical. It must be quick and easy to use.

The monthly overview

My monthly reviews in September and October were very intense. The trackers always took up a lot of time and finally I didn’t use the pages anymore. Sometimes I even forgot dates, because I had not noted them down.

Therefore I left out all trackers this month and divided the vertical overview into private and professional appointments. Since I still had some space left, my cover page on the left side is very minimalistic but still stylish.

My favorite weekly overview for stressful times and uncreative phases

Ok, after long testing, many different versions, many unused pages, and even some torn out vileness, I can show you my go-to weekly overview today. Whenever it gets stressful or I don’t know what to paint, I will come back to this overview. It is super easy and quickly done.

It is a super simple vertical page division for 2 days per page. In between, there is a thick line to separate the days from each other and at the top, there is a line in the color of the month as background for the day.

For such an overview it is also a good idea to click the second page in half. This way you can create a Master To-Do list in addition to the Sunday and it will be visible the whole week. I like to use this for tasks that I have not yet assigned to a fixed day, but which I urgently need to complete.

By the way, the color for this month is my Tombow 837. It is a very dark wine red, which is dark enough to write on it with white. The color is one of my absolute must-haves!
And that’s about it. I didn’t feel like doing anything more and I have to try again if and how I will use my Bullet Journal in the next days.

Do you have a Go-To overview that you can fall back on in stressful times?

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