Bullet Journal inspiration – March 2021

After a glittering February, it’s time for some rest.

Here you will find a bullet journal design that radiates calm and serenity.

For the Bullet Journal setup in March, I have two shades of blue from the Archer and Olive acryographs. I found both colours so beautiful and really wanted to use them. So for this month I chose a combination of simple lineart drawings of plants.
For this design you only need two colours that go together, a black and a white fineliner.

bullet journal march


This month has no cover page. In months that are particularly stressful or when I don’t want to invest a lot of time in my bullet journal, I like to do without this page.
For the monthly overview, I drew the month on the right-hand page. It is a very simple overview. The corners of the individual fields are marked with small crosses.
Below that, I have drawn a list of everything I need to think about for this year’s spring cleaning.

On the left side I first painted a large plant and then two leaves. I honestly don’t know if these are special plants. To create the lineart effect, you paint the coloured areas first. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
In the second step, you roughly trace the contours of the drawing with a white pencil. Hold the pen loosely in your hand and try not to hit the edge exactly. You only want to hit the contour roughly and your line can be a little wobbly.

bullet journal march weekly bullet journal tracker

Weekly Spread and Habit Tracker

For my first weekly overview, I wanted to paint a particular picture that I saw on Pinterest. This overview works great when you have few tasks. But there is not much space per day.
On the second page, I have my first tracker for the year 2021. Since I worked a lot during this time and felt like I was only sitting at my PC, I wanted to record the times I worked. So in addition to the “normal” habits, for which I drew a dot when I killed it, I drew in the hours I worked as bars every day. In addition, I recorded the hours I slept. It is quite easy to see that I usually sleep far too little when I am stressed.

So if you also tend to work too much, try this tracker. It might help you become more aware of when it’s too much and you should take a step back.

Bullet Journal weekly spread bujo march weekly

More Weekly Spreads

For weeks when you either don’t want to use your bullet journal much or you don’t have much to do, these are my absolute favourite weekly overviews!
On the left side there is a big box for all tasks and each day has another small box for special appointments or workout plans.
And on the right side, I divided the whole page by 7 and just wrote all the days underneath each other. This way you don’t have much space per day, but it’s a super well-organised variant.

Quote Page

Here is a little extra: On the last page for March I painted some plants and worked a bit with negative colours. You can see exactly how I did it in the TikTok below.

Which spread this month was your fav? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, Xo — L


I got bored last night, so I followed a tutorial by #shaydacampbell #bulletjournal #bulletjournalideas #creative #fyp @archerandolive

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