Bullet Journal – March 2020

New month – New chance – New design!
Welcome to my Bullet Journal Setup for March.

After I had my difficulties with the design in February, I wanted to take it a bit more relaxed in March. Everything is designed to be useful, as simple as possible and at the same time it has to look nice to please me. Do you know that when you use pages more, when they look nicer?

March starts with a capital M and a small preview of the design this month. I got away from the gold I’ve been using for the last months and switched to a very inconspicuous color. The accent color is a light latte macchiato brown from my Tombow Dual Brush pen number 992.
For my decorative elements I have chosen geometric shapes, using mainly triangles in different sizes. All in all the pictures are very simple and quickly made.

Month at a glace

My monthly overview for March only had a calligraphy headline at first, but that was too little for me. So I just wrote the headline again in a different font over it. Together it looks pretty cool and I am happy with it.
The calendar overview itself is very simple and relatively small. One box is only 4x 5 boxes, which is about 2x 2,5cm. This means that a maximum of one or two dates fit into one date, but so far there are not much plans for March, so this should fit.

The weekly spreads

As far as the weekly overviews are concerned, I have finally found more creativity again and am now in the process of finding out which layout fits best for me currently.
Please don’t be surprised, my weeks are already full because I added these pictures afterwards.
The first week comprises a double page and is divided with simple brown lines. I wrote the days vertically, creating separators between the sections. Since the lower right corner was still a bit empty, I added a small quote and a few triangles.

And then Corona happened.

The other weeks are a bit different, because I had to adapt myself to the situation and the circumstances. On the left side are the weekly overviews. In different ways I wrote down the weekdays and dates and on the corresponding days I wrote down the to-do’s and dates. On the right side is a big Master-To-Do-List. This list contains all tasks that have to be done during the week. Partly I have also integrated a mini tracker. On those days I wanted to make a cross at the task every day, so to speak, but that was not always successful.

Which spread was your favourite this month? Until next time – L.

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