Bullet Journal inspiration – Mai 2020

This is my Bullet Journal Plan with me for May

To be honest I am very unhappy with my design for Mai. But even this can happen and I don’t want to withhold from you that sometimes I also design less beautiful pages. One thing we should not forget: a Bullet Journal does not have to be perfect!

The cover page & a month at a glance

The cover sheet is completely covered with black and blue acrylic paint. Since I mixed the colors only on the sheet, stripes were created. When the color was dry, I painted on it with a golden gel pencil.

Also on the backside I created a background in black and blue that reminds me of a night sky. With the same gold pencil as on the cover, I painted the sun, moon and planets. As always, I found the inspiration for all my drawings on Pinterest. These geometric representations of celestial bodies have fascinated me for a long time. Now it was time to use them to give elegance to these pages.
The monthly overview is very simple and limited to one page. With a golden-brown I painted the lines and entered all my dates.

bullet journal weekly spread lettering rolling weekly spread with galaxy painting simple rolling weekly spread bullet journal


Weekly Spread

My weekly overviews are very different this time. Since I’m not showing you this month until it’s almost over, I can tell you: I had no idea how to design these pages. I had a very uncreative month.
In the first week I wrote and decorated the days in golden brown. After that I used a rolling weekly to get a better overview. For this I painted a stiff galaxy and with gold I painted the letters for each day.
The third week I kept it very simple. I put all dates in a box and everything else underneath. This is also a very simple implementation of the classic Bullet Journal. And even if it doesn’t look nice, it was very helpful and useful.
Have you ever had such an uncreative phase? Tell me about it. Until next time. – L.

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