Bullet Journal inspiration – June 2020

Welcome to June and welcome to my new journal!

I can’t believe it’s actually already June and my first Bullet Journal for this year is already filled.
The new journal is this time with a ring binding. In the last Bullet Journal the normal binding was very annoying. The further I was in the middle of the book, the more difficult it was to keep the pages open. I always had to use a clamp when I wanted to enter something.

The cover page

Therefore here and now the attempt to use a journal with ring binding as a buller journal. We will see how it develops.
The cover leaf is a circle of different branches and plants. The lowest circle is with a Tombow Dual Brush Pen in color 620 and everything else is different black fineliner.

Month at a glance

Due to Corona I currently work in the home office and have relatively few appointments to keep. Most of the meetings are digital and you can’t meet with anyone in private, so I don’t have any appointments there either. Therefore I decided to use one of my very old overview versions – a vertical monthly overview. Actually only the days are written one below the other and there is space for appointments on the left and right. To sort it a bit better, I’ve set the left part for blog topics and the right part for work-related topics. As you can see I was very motivated to write more blog posts at that time.
I used the right side for to-dos in June and notes. It’s just a page that I can come back to during the month to write down things that haven’t found their place yet.

The weekly spreads

Now you can expect two very different weekly overviews.
The first overview is inspired by a weekly overview I used in May. I always put two days on one page and drew the upper part in boxes. This way I wanted to separate appointments from tasks. I also divided the lower part to write down my meal plan under all tasks. Often I plan my meal for a week in advance and then forget it when it is time.

I would say this is the first variant, in a different form. Here are again two days on one page and this time I didn’t use separators. Every day I just wrote down everything that came into my head.
The second version feels like I’m back to the Bullet Journal roots. It’s still two days per page, but this time among themselves. I wrote the days in a colored box and behind that a shadow with a second box. This version has less embellishment and is more designed for usefulness.

Which variant do you like better? Do you prefer beautiful pages or useful designs?  See you next time. – L.

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