Bullet Journal inspiration – July 2020


This month I was super brave and chose a very flashy design. Somehow I have the feeling that on Pinterest and Instagram there are currently many bullet journals with lemons and somehow I like it. So here I am and doing what so many others have already painted: A lemon bullet journal design.

After many months of not enjoying and using my Bullet Journal, it was time for me to make a change. After I discovered Caitlins Corner on YouTube, I was very motivated and bought with craft paper. My cover page consists of many lemons in different views. To make it as gaudy as possible, I used acrylic paint and worked with different shades of yellow. It is not really detailed, but rather roughly painted. Then I glued a big piece of craft paper in the middle and wrote the word “July” on it. To make it stand out even more, I added white accents in the thin parts of the lettering.

Month at a glace

The monthly overviews are a little extra this month. I have not only treated myself to striking colours, but also to my own monthly overviews, only for private appointments. I have a double page for two monthly overviews. On the left is a vertical overview for all work-related appointments like meetings, pitches or workshops I attend. On the right are all dates related to my life.

This month the colours match the bright lemons. For the fruits themselves I used acrylic colours. But for all the highlights in the weekly and monthly overviews I have my Tobow Dual Brush Pen in colour 991. I also used another Tobow Brush Pen in colour 312 to paint the leaves of the lemons. I love this green – I think you will see it more often.

The weekly spread

My weekly overviews are very similar to those of my setup for May. In the first week I divided the pages vertically and separated each day with a line from the other. The headlines are stored in the highlight, as well as the tasks I didn’t complete on the corresponding days. In this way I don’t forget to catch up on them the next day.

The next week is again very classical. The weekdays are in yellow boxes with a thick black drop shadow and the date next to it. Depending on how much space was left on the sides, I added lemons.

I must confess: the further the month progresses, the more I like my lemons. On the cover they are very rough and gaudy and in the last weeks of July they are more detailed and abstract. Somehow I like both.

What do you think about this lemon trend? I am curious about your opinion. See you next time. – L.


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