Bullet Journal inspiration – May 2021

You have wanderlust and would like to integrate your next travel destination in your bullet journal?

Honey, I feel the same way! Corona is making it hard for all of us and especially travelling has not been allowed for months now. As you may have read a time or two on this blog, I have lost my heart to Scotland. But as it is currently not easy to enter the UK from Germany, my next trip there will have to wait a little longer.
But since I want to bring the mood that Scotland evokes in me into my everyday life, I have a cosy bullet journal setup with dreamy Scotland / travel vibes for you.

You could replace any image I have included with any other destination.
A note: I found all the images on Pinterest or unsplash. I try to link them to you as much as I can.

Month-At-A-Glance and Habit Tracker

My monthly overview this month is finally something different than before. I pulled the month of May almost onto the entire double page, so that I had all the weekdays on the left and the weekends on the right. Since I still had plenty of space on the right margin, you can find my Habit Tracker there.
This one looks pretty cool. But what I did here is very simple:
You enter the habits that you want to track daily underneath or next to each other. Here you put a dot or cross every day that you have done the habit. Activities that you want to track in intensity or time are drawn below as graphs. At the top I have a scale from 1 to 10.

I tracked my sleep, steps and activity at the site. So the scale for sleep is 1 to 10, as well as for activity level. Here I simply set up a scale for when I reach a certain level. For steps, the scale is 1000 to 10000, so mentally always 000 behind.

Bulletjournal Month at a glance Bullet Journal Tracker May

Weekly Spreads with secret photo

My first weekly overview for May is quite fancy. One of my favourite motifs from Scotland is the Glenfinnan Viaduct. But since this bridge only looks good in landscape format, I simply cut the photo of it in half. You can only see the whole picture if you fold the left side. If you open the page normally, you have a part of the picture on the left and on the right.
In between, I divided the space so that I always had three days per page. In the colours I had chosen for the month, I always drew a circle in which I wrote the date and next to it the day of the week.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Bullet Journal Weekly Detail

More weekly spreads

I have been trying to paint something freehand for a long time. The result is this sketch of Edinburgh Castle. I think you can see what it’s supposed to be and that’s enough for me.
I used one of the colours for this month to create colour highlights and divided the days of the week with black. Each day has this thick black semicircle for the date and the days of the week vertically on the side. This overview is especially helpful at times when you are working towards certain deadlines or appointments that you can’t forget or miss.

I need a lot of space for the last week in May, so I used a new method here. I had only prepared Monday at the beginning of the week.
Tuesday morning I drew a line under the month, looked at what I had done and what I still had to do and then planned the day. The whole thing is then repeated for each day of the week.
This overview is quite helpful when you have a lot to do and can only plan what needs to be done on a daily basis.

Bullet Journal Scotland Weekly Spread with Dutch Door Bullet Journal Weekly Dutch Door

All in all, I think these monthly overviews totally capture the mood of Scotland and I immediately feel a bit transported back to the country. I can’t wait until we finally get to travel again.


Which spread this month was your fav? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, Xo — L


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