Bullet Journal inspiration – June 2021

Your Bullet Journal setup with geometric patterns and the colours of sunsets in summer.

My inspiration for this bullet journal design was a car ride slowly watching the sun go down.
After my setup in May was quite cosy and with cold colours, this setup is colourful, playful and with bright red and yellow tones.

Cover Page

After not having a proper cover page for months, I finally wanted to try again this time.
I’ve seen a lot of these images on Pinterest with overhead power poles and cables on the horizon. If you want to create a cover page like this, you should tape the area you want to paint. Otherwise it will be very difficult to get clear edges.

Each time you use a colour, draw a line on the opposite side and place the colours one after the other. Depending on what kind of paint you use and how fast you work, after you have painted all the colours, you can go over the paint again from top to bottom with a wet and, above all, clean brush. Always move your brush horizontally. This way, you connect the colours and get that beautiful fade effect.

Month-at-a-glance and workout tracker

My monthly overview is very simple. There is a box for each day and below that is my tracker for sleep times and just like May.
On the right side I tried a workout tracker. I tried the method of The Pacific Line. Feel free to check out their post on how to use this overview.

Bullet Journal Cover Page Bullet Journal month at a glance


Weekly spreads

The first weekly overview has a dutch door with bright yellow accents. To add some visual highlights I have added a pattern to the left side of Monday and Tuesday. For this, I drew lines with a pencil and then painted them in the same width. As I had a lot to do this week, I did not design the week in advance. It works like this: you always start the day by naming the day of the week and noting the date. Then you look at what you have to do today and what you have to take over from yesterday. Only on the next day do you draw a line under the previous day and thus end the day.

The second weekly overview looks completely different than usual, although it is super simple. The special thing about it is that it has been decorated a lot.
First, there is an overview for the whole week in which all the appointments are noted. Then there is half a page for each day of the week.
To make the overview something special, there is a thick frame around each day and in the background there are boxes with the same thick frames. There are also thin frames in between, the corners of which are always a small circle.

Bullet Journal Dutch Door Bullet Journal Weekly spread Bullet Journal Weekly

Although the pages are all very creatively designed and I also enjoyed using my bullet journal at the beginning of the month, I really had a hard time with my journal from mid-June onwards. I almost only used my notepads and used my bullet journal less often for the time being. But there are also times like that… Hopefully I’ll be able to show you more in July.

Which spread this month was your fav? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, Xo — L


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