Bullet Journal inspiration – July 2021

Flowers galore for your Bullet Journal this month

July was a very special month for me because I got married at the beginning of the month. Therefore, there was a lot for me to do in June and in July I could relax because I had a holiday. Accordingly, I also had the time to try out a lot of things. So in the following pages you will find a lot of inspiration for setups that take a lot of time but look super nice.


This month there is a very special cover page. The drawing of the flowers here is a drawing of my bridal bouquet. I stopped drawing in the middle of it at some point. Actually I wanted to colour it, but I was quite happy with it and didn’t want to risk not liking it in the end.
My monthly overview on the right side is quite small. Here I had only one small box per day. Below that I have a list of “To-Do this month”. Here I wrote down the year’s resolutions that I wanted to tick off this month.

bulletjournal month at a glance

Weekly Spreads

My first weekly overview is super colourful. For the doodles of the flowers, I followed a tutorial by Shayda Campbell. Her YouTube channel is very inspiring. Be sure to check her out.
Here I used the principle again, which has worked well from time to time in the last few months. I only ever planned the current day and then drew a line under it the next day.

For the rest of the month, I cut in the pages of the weekly overviews and left small tabs for the weeks at the edges of the pages. Since I could see the first and last page with it the whole month, I took extra care with the first page. Here I created a black and white counterpart to the flower doodles on the page before. Shayda Campbell also has a tutorial for this on her YouTube channel. All the weekly overviews have a maximum of one double-page spread.

I squeezed the first weekly overview onto one page and simply divided the page into 7 days.
For the second weekly overview, I have simply divided the same design onto a double page. As you can see, it was already quite tight here. The third weekly overview also has 4 or 3 days per page, but the days are not arranged one below the other, but as tiles next to and above each other. On the last page, I simply wrote down all the notes that I wanted to remember or that simply had to get out of my head. The page is very unspectacular and contains a lot of sensitive information, which is why I can’t show it to you.

bulletjournal weekly dutch door bulletjournal doodles weekly bullet journal weekly spreads

This month I’ve been trying quite a lot of new things and taking the liberty to try something I wasn’t sure I liked before. After not really using my bullet journal at the end of June, it was much needed. It was good to just follow someone’s tutorial again and see something great at the end.

Which spread this month was your fav? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, Xo — L

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