Bullet Journal Inspiration – February 2023

For many, February is the month of love and is often accompanied by pink colours, hearts or flowers. Today I wanted to show you a Bullet Journal Rainbow setup that is super colourful and playful despite minimal effort.

This bullet journal setup is back in the bullet journal I gave away for Christmas 2022. If you missed the previous posts about it, feel free to check them out here: Bullet Journal January 2023 and Bullet Journal 2023 Setup

As written in previous posts, this BuJo is an A5 journal by Archer and Olive. I used a lot of different colours for the different rainbows this time. You can use every colour you want but I would recommend you to test beforehand whether your colour choice harmonises well with each other. I chose a combination of pink, orange and yellow. My favourite pens for this were my Tombow Dual Brush Pens in the colours 055, 772, 991 and 873. But there are also very beautiful zebra mildliners that go great with it.

My biggest inspiration for this setup was this post on Pinterest. I hope I found the original artist.

The Cover Page

Like every month in this journal, this Bullet Journal Rainbow setup starts with a cover page. The “special” thing about these pages is that the left-hand side remains completely blank. So every month there is still the possibility to design this one page freely, in case it is still needed for something.

On the right-hand side, I have placed February in bold in the middle. I took inspiration for the font from Rylee Autumn. However, since a monochrome lettering was too boring for me, I masked off the middle of the lettering horizontally and traced the upper half of the letters again with my Tombow Brush Pen. This makes the upper half a little darker.

Afterwards, I spread lots of rainbows over the rest of the page. It was important to me that each rainbow looks individual. This means that I kept changing the order of the colours, some have dots, some are a bit more pointed than others. No one is perfect. To make it look like the rainbows are hanging from the ceiling, each rainbow has a little loop at the topmost point and a line goes up from there. The bows look a bit like hearts, which should minimally pick up this Valentine’s-Day-Love-February-Vibe.

To fill the page a little more and to fill the remaining white areas, I added stars and dots in various colours. You could also place more rainbows at this point.

Bullet Journal Rainbow Cover Page


The Monthly Overview

The monthly overview is also heavily inspired by a Pinterest post. This month, each day has its own little box of 5 x 6 boxes. So 4 days have found a place on one side and 3 days on the other. The corresponding dates are then in the rainbow colours inside the box. For my taste, the numbers should have been a little more in the background so that you could still easily note down appointments on them. I should have chosen the lighter colours, but I didn’t realise that until too late.

A wide variety of rainbows are again distributed around the calendar overview. This page layout would also have lent itself well to placing a box for notes or a tracker.

Bullet Journal Monthly Overview Rainbows


Weekly spreads

Although the monthly overview has become a bit too colourful for my taste, the weekly overviews are all the more practical. I’m a big fan of this layout, which you can see below. To make it fit well, the days of the week are divided into rectangles measuring 11 x 16 boxes (width x height). The two days for the weekend share one box.

These boxes offer enough space for appointments, tasks or anything else. At the same time, there is a large box on the right-hand side that extends over the entire height of the page for notes. What I find so great about it is that you can make something completely individual out of it. You could use this note field for a long to-do list that you want to work through over the entire week. Or you could just use it for any kind of notes.

Bullet Journal Weekly Rainbow Layout


Notes Page

If there is still not enough space for all the notes, tasks and other thoughts in your head, here comes another page in this setup. This page is intended for everything that has no place on the weekly overviews but needs to get out of your head and onto the paper. To keep the page as clean as possible, there are only a few rainbows here as decorative elements. The entire double page is framed by a grey frame. And that’s it.

BuJo Notes with rainbows


This Bullet Journal Rainbow setup is a mixture of super many colours and rainbows, but also very practical layouts that offer a lot of space for everything. This combination of colourful and helpful is exactly what keeps bullet journaling interesting for me. Next time I would definitely want to use the layout exactly the same way again. As for the colours, I can also imagine it to look nice in cool blues or greens.

Have you ever made such a colourful bullet journal setup? Xo – L.

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