Bullet Journal Inspiration – February 2021

A little bit extravagant, glittery and at the same time useful bullet journal design for February.

Have you ever worked with watercolours? Not me – or at least not often.
Friends gave me golden watercolours for Christmas and I really wanted to use them for my bullet journal. BUT: I have no idea how to work with it.
So here you get a bullet journal design with a super simple watercolours paintings in combination with fineliner drawings.

bullet journal cover february

Cover page

My November cover is an entire double page spread. I have written the month in the middle of the page and drawn it so long that it reaches from the middle of one page to the middle of the other. To make sure it’s evenly spaced, it’s best to count the boxes or measure the distance. Then divide the distance by the number of letters and mark where the letter should be.

For the drawing below, the credits go to Rica from the Instagram account @fine.line_atelier. She posted this beautiful image in November 2018 and I came across it on Pinterest.
To incorporate my gold watercolour I mixed it with lots of water and painted it roughly where my mask would be later. I only applied the paint to one side and then closed my notebook straight away. This way the colour is mirrored on the other side.
Afterwards, you should still apply more paint on both sides and lift the notebook so that the paint can run down a bit. If you want to loosen up the drawing afterwards, you can sprinkle some more colour on the whole page. But be careful here first. More is always possible – test how much you like and when it becomes too much for you.

Bullet Journal month at a glance february


This type of monthly overview is super simple. Just write the numbers and days of the week next to each other in one column. I find it easier to mark the weekends or Sundays so as not to lose the overview.
Important for this overview: it is best suited for months in which you have few appointments. You have little space here to enter many appointments for one day. So if you have a relaxed month ahead of you or don’t want to have more than one appointment per day, this overview is perfect for you!

bullet journal weekly february


Super easy weekly spread

To be honest, I didn’t use my bullet journal much in January, so I only wanted to have weekly overviews in February that didn’t take up much space.
Motivation to paint, draw or be creative in general comes and goes in waves. If you don’t feel like doing elaborate art work at the moment, your bullet journal should still be practical.
That’s why my first weekly overview is super simple: on the left are the days of the week one below the other, each with 4 rows for to-do’s, and on the right is the workout schedule for this week.

In the second week, I tried the same set-up again, but instead of my workout plan, there was a task overview on the right-hand side.
Since I wanted to try out all my new watercolours, I used two corners with wavy lines to try out all the shades of gold I had available. It’s not the prettiest design, but I had a lot of fun trying out the colours. And I always use the page as a reference to see which shade of gold I want to use.

Bullet Journal weekly with gold watercolour

The golden weekly spread

Well, I call this the golden weekly because it’s super shiny and gold – not because it’s the best I’ve ever had.
This weekly overview came about super spontaneously. I wanted to push my bullet journal to its limits and test how much watercolour I can use on one page before it bleeds through to the other.
To do this, I applied watercolour to the top of the page and let it run down. Once one layer was almost dry (not dry!), I repeated the process.
And the result: the pages do curl, but it absolutely did not bleed through.

As the lower half of the page was still free, I placed the days of the week on one side and painted a picture from Pinterest on the other. This also allowed me to pick up the mask shape from my front page.

Which spread this month was your fav? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, Xo — L

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