Bullet Journal – February 2020

Hello again!

Finally, after four month of not posting my bullet journal setup, I think it is time to show you something new! I was having a hard time with my journal. The layout did not fit perfectly, I wasn’t using it and I ended up with multiple lists on different papers which were super messy. But I took myself some time to think about how I want to use my bullet journal and why. Today I want to share my story and my latest Bullet Journal setup.

Bullet Journal Monthly cover page

Month at a glance

In February I couldn’t get enough of the gold tone I used for my Bullet Journal 2020 setup. This time I combined the gold with a light lilac and black accents. It is the Tombow dual brush pen number 620 and winsor newton fineliner in black with a thickness of 0.1. The Gold is a Uni-Ball gel pen from Signo.

The monthly overview is very discreet this time. The days are spread over a double page. Since the month starts on a Saturday, I put the first weekend in two boxes together with the following weekend. This way I only had to draw four vertical rows. All in all this page is very discreet and so far very unused. Somehow I’m not sure if this kind of monthly overview is the right one for me.

Bullet Journal weekly spread

Weekly Spreads

For the first week, I was inspired by one of my old designs. I made a weekly overview on the left side, in which I want to enter all dates and to-do’s that have to be done on the corresponding days. On the right side I have a big Master-To-Do-List for everything I have to do this week. Underneath is a moon with flowers.
The upper edge is decorated with golden dots. I simply cut the upper edge with a purple line and the closer the dots come to the line the more dots I have painted. This gives the section a cool effect.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread with flowers
The following two weeks are more or less connected. I shortened the page a bit in between so that I can easily turn back and forth.
The first week always has a capital letter and the date next to it. On the left margin is a small bouquet of golden and black flowers. On the right side I have written out each weekday and painted fine purple lines in the background. On the right edge is a golden hand holding some black flowers.

For the last week in August I have no weekly overview. At the end of the third week, I had enough of all the gold and flowers. I didn’t like it anymore and I didn’t have the creativity to come up with a new layout. So I organized the last week of February with to-do lists on a separate block.
Finding of the month: It is okay not to like every design. If things just aren’t going well or you don’t like them, sometimes it helps to take a step back and take some time off.

I hope next month I will have more creativity again. How does your February design look like? See you next time. – L.

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