Bullet Journal inspiration – August 2021

Practical overviews with colorful sunflowers – the perfect bullet journal setup for summer

Sun and sunflowers are the epitome of summer mood. The image of a sunflower with all its colors radiates so much warmth and joy that a bullet journal overview can also benefit from it.
So for August, here’s inspiration for creative bullet journal pages full of sunflowers.


August’s month-at-a-glance is not only pretty to look at, but also very practical. Let’s go through it from top to bottom:
My personal challenge for this month was to write the headline across the entire double page spread. It didn’t turn out to be quite full width, but still significantly different than my normal overviews (click here to check out last month’s spreadsclick here to check out last month’s spreads) . For the large letters, I used Microsoft Word to write down the word “august” and tried all the fonts until I found one I liked. I then printed this out in a large size and used it as a template for the letters.
A tip: if you print your template on thin paper and then trace it with a ballpoint pen, you create an invisible frame that you can trace later.

The monthly overview below contains a box for each day of the week. Since the month starts on a Saturday, the week before (the last days of July) is filled in with a photo of sunflowers I found on Pinterest. I then did the same with the last week of August, since there were also only 2 days left in the month.

On the right side next to the monthly overview there was enough space for some notes. To create more space here, I cut out a lined page from a notebook and pasted it into my bullet journal. I pasted the left edge of the page in the journal so you can still open it up. This way you can write down your notes on the front and add notes behind it that you don’t want everyone to see, such as sensitive dates, gift ideas, etc.
The sunflower I drew on it, I also just copied from Pinterest. Unfortunately I can’t find the original picture anymore, but the credits for it don’t go to me.

August bullet Journal month at a glance

Weekly Spreads

Depending on whether you have (school) kids or not, August is either the time for summer vacations or (as in my case) the time for vacation substitutions. All the parents take vacations and the work from them has to be taken over.
Since I didn’t have a day off in August, but had to get a lot done, I needed my weekly spreads all pre-designed. In stressful times it helps me to have my pages ready in advance, so that I can then use them directly and do not have to worry about the design first.

All my weekly overviews in August are designed so that I have placed two days vertically on one page. The days are separated from each other by a timeline. In the job I work in, I have to record the time I spend working on certain projects. In order not to lose the overview here, I always cross off the time that I have already entered in the system.
In the margin of the page, I then always have the calendar week noted on the page at the beginning of the week. This is what I needed during this time to not lose sight of long-term projects.

Since a week has 7 days and each day has half a page, you need a total of 3.5 pages. If you don’t want to use your pages across weeks, I can recommend two variants:
Either shorten your weekend by giving Saturday and Sunday only a quarter page each or rename the headline to “Saturday & Sunday”.
Or you add another column to your weekly overview, where you can add notes or a rolling weekly, for example.

Bullet Journal weekly

Beautiful quote-pages

This month I’ve been trying quite a lot of new things and taking the liberty to try something I wasn’t sure I liked before. After not really using my bullet journal at the end of June, it was much needed. It was good to just follow someone’s tutorial again and see something great at the end.

quote page Bullet Journal Sunflower quote page

If you search for sunflower aesthetics on Pinterest, you’ll find so many incredibly beautiful images and photos that I couldn’t decide. To motivate me here for the month and to pick up the mood of all the Pinterest images, I printed out many of the images and created two collages from them.
Overall, it’s nothing special, but since the images individually are already very nicely colored and so convey a great mood, you did not have to do much here to create beautiful pages.

So my tip, if you have a page where you don’t know what to make of it: grab Pinterest and look for images with a nice aesthetic. Put them on the page in different constellations until you’re happy and then stick it in. Add a few stars here and there, a bit of washi tape or little strokes/waves and it’s done.

Which spread this month was your fav? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, Xo — L

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