Bullet Journal – April 2020

Welcome to my Bullet Journal Setup for April

April will be a very busy and stressful month for me. I have many tasks ahead of me to finally finish my bachelor thesis. Besides, I will continue to work 20 hours a week and this also has to be planned well. It’s not easy to bring all this under one roof, so I need structured and clear Bullet Journal pages.

The cover page

The quote on the first page is actually just a „remake“ of a quote I had my Bullet Journal for June 2018. It says: “You will never know until you go.”. When I first used this quote, I wrote my applications for a summer school in the USA. This time I wanted to hand in my bachelor thesis and think about what I would do after that.
The letter on the other side is just an “A” for April. It is not very creative, but it is stylish and minimalistic.

Month at a glance and time tracker

The monthly overview is divided into “Life” and “Work”, although my period of life will not get many entries. This way I would like to have the possibility to get an overview of my working hours and at the same time block days for my bachelor thesis.
On the right side I have painted a timetracker. In it the times for my bachelor thesis, sports, work, sleep and relaxation should be entered, as well as my meals. This should also help me to get an overview of how I use my time.

bullet journal weekly mountain spread bullet journal weekly spread mountain design bullet journal weekly spread mountains pink

Weekly Spread

The theme for April was abstract mountains. I found some inspiration on Pinterest and painted them with  acrylic paint direcly in my Bullet Journal. The paper was still pretty good so I had no problems with that later on.
Since I have a stressful month ahead of me, I have already prepared a few weeks. But I also know that I will not be happy like this for much longer. In the last weeks I have noticed that I often have days when I have to write down a lot. On other days I have almost nothing that I want to write down.
Currently, my Bullet Journal is only prepared until the day I hand in my bachelor thesis. After that I have enough time to think of a suitable system.
For my accent color I used my Tombow Dual Brush Pen number 772 this month. It’s a dark pink and goes great with the acrylic mountains. But so far it feels more like a “dream of traveling” than an actual departure into the distance and this not only because of Covif-19 but also because of many circumstances.

Which spread was your favourite this month? Until next time – L.

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