Bullet Journal inspiration – 2021 Setup

New Year – New Bullet Journal

Fresh, blank pages and the possibility to create something from scratch
The year has already started and I haven’t really been able to get started yet. Unfortunately, Corona delayed the delivery times a lot, which is why my new Archer&Olive was delivered much too late.

This is the first year that I will use two calendars at the same time. I have a classic pocket calendar for work. I can put all my appointments, to-dos and deadlines there without the stress of having to maintain my yearly log or having the next monthly setup ready two weeks before the end of the month. My bullet journal should therefore be just for me this year – for my hobbies, my blog, my sport, my mental health …
I want to take the time to make this Bullet Journal beautiful and have fun at the same time. It should be my daily highlight to use this journal. It will be my companion in a stressful and exciting time.

Here’s a quick check of what materials I’ll be working with this year:
My bullet journal is from Archer&Olive in size B5 with a dot pattern on each page.
I also got a lot of great presents for Christmas. I now have the Zebra Mildliner, Acrylograph Pens from Archer&Olive and a new Winsor&Newton Fineliner.


The first page

As this is the first time I have owned a bullet journal of this size, the first thing I needed was a grid overview page. I got inspiration for this from Bullet Journal Queen Amandarachlee. Since I usually divide my pages into two or three columns, I have already created exactly these divisions as a template. One with a gap and one without a gap between the columns.

On the right-hand side, I have copied a picture that is exactly the same as in my Bullet Journal setup from 2020. This page has always inspired me a lot. All I changed are the colours, otherwise it’s still the same as in my other BuJo.


The Future Log

I have been thinking for a very long time about how to design my Future Log. In the last few years, this annual overview was always divided into two double pages with 3 months per page. Here, too, I was inspired by Amandarachlee and decided on an overview with a Dutch door. This means that this time I only have 2 months per page. I cut the intermediate pages at all ends and thus created a small book within my bullet journal. This overview thus more or less covers several pages and is super clear at the same time.

My Goals

So far, this page still looks very empty, but that will change soon. I want to tackle some of my goals this year. I have taken a double page for this. On one side I have space to list all my resolutions. All the big projects go here, such as the resolution to improve my French this year.

On the other hand, I drew an overview that I found on LeelaJournals and thought was pretty cool. The chart lists things I want to look at, things I want to do and hobbies I want to try. Here I can write down all the little things that aren’t really resolutions but I still don’t want to forget.

Will you be using a bullet journal this year?

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