Bullet Journal – 2020 Setup

New year, new luck – new Bullet Journal setup

Incredibly, it is already time to prepare my Bullet Journal for the year 2020. I have to admit that I’m a little late and I’ve already gotten a lot of inspiration from other artists.
For a long time, I couldn’t decide which design I liked best. After all, I will be using these pages for a whole year, so the design must be well thought out.
Like many others, I have decided to base my setup for the year 2020 on the golden 20’s. Everything will be in the style of the great Gatsby and decorated with gold.


Make yourself a priority

2020 will see some changes for me. I will finish my studies, start a new job, and maybe even move. I don’t know yet what all this will mean for me, but I want to remember that everything that will come is my way. I don’t know where it will lead me, but I will take care of myself, my patience, and everything that is important to me.


Additional pages

As I have been using this Bullet Journal since July 2019, I already have a yearly overview in which everything is included. Therefore I did not want to add a new one. But for a 2020 yearly setup, there were still too few pages, so I added an additional page.
This is actually just a collection of ideas that I want to do in 2020.

On the left side is a bucket list, which is unfortunately still very empty. I hope that over the holidays I will come up with enough things that I want to experience next year. Below is a series tracker. Currently, I’m watching Bones, Reign, and Riverdale. And so that I don’t forget which episode I’m on, I have this tracker.

On the right side, I have written down some date night ideas. The letters above are the months. The letters above are the months in which I implemented the idea. So if I do the Marvel Marathon in April, I cross it off under the “A” and close the line.
Below is a section for “When was the last time I… “. There I write down, for example, when I last went to the doctor or when I last changed the bed linen. If you don’t have a fixed rhythm for this, it’s pretty good to track.

And that is all there is to it. This year I only have a few pages, but I am satisfied. I am curious what will bring us in 2020. What are your resolutions for next year? – L.

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