Hello, it's Laura.

I’m Laura, 25 years old and the girl behind glitter is the new black. My homecountry is Germany but I lost my heart in Scotland.

Since 2018 this blog is my baby. It started with a school project during my semester abroad where we had to make a blog and write about whatever we want to. So I took the chance to relaunch my old blog and created glitter is the new black. Since then I try to show inspiring and creativ content on this page and on my social media profiles. And it is so much fun!

How did it all started?

I had my first blog when I was 13 years old. It was a classic tumblr blog and I was writing about school, friendship and my life. It was just a digital diary. When I grew older my friends began to laugh at my blog and I stopped publishing anything.

I started blogging again at the end of 2015 when I was going to America. By this time my blog was all about preparation and living in the USA. But after this experience I didn’t want to stop and kept on writing. My content changed to Bullet Journaling, creativity and lifestyle. And this is what it is today!

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