Bullet Journal pages for travelling

Looking for a bullet journal page for your next trip?

Travelling is something you look forward to and eagerly anticipate.
In order not to lose the overview, I have three bullet journal pages for you that will help you prepare for your next trip, organise everything and not forget anything.

Bullet Journal page for travelling Edinburgh

The spread for all essentials

I’ve used the first page you see here a few times myself and can tell you from experience: it works!

This double page is designed to collect all the pre-trip information for your journey. On the left-hand side, I have stuck on a picture that I chose on Pinterest. I have to confess: I’m not even sure if it was really taken in Edinburgh – BUT: the picture is simply there to reflect the mood I hope to have at my destination.
Below I have started a packing list. Believe me, space can get very tight at this point. I would recommend working in two columns. It’s best to draw a dot in front of each item and tick it off when you’ve packed it. There will always be some items that you can only pack shortly before departure. Mark them in some way so that you don’t forget anything.

On the right-hand side, I have listed in the first place all the Codiv documents that are necessary for this trip. This is currently different for each country. In some countries a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test is sufficient, others have certain entry certificates that you have to fill out in advance. It’s best to find out what you need before you go.
Below I have stuck an inspirational quote and a map. It’s not so easy to see, but I took a screenshot of my travel destination on Google Maps. Here you can set little pins for the different places, such as your accommodation, your excursion destinations or special cafés where you want to eat.

Always essential for me: a place where I can write down important things.
Here you can write down everything you need to organise before your trip. This can be simple little things like: using up all perishable food or giving a key to your friend to water the plants. But it can also be essential things like filling up your tank or checking your mobile phone tariff to see if it works abroad.

Bullet Journal vor travveling

The spread for an amazing journey

Here you will find an overview for your next trip to Paris.
In the first step, I picked out pictures of the city on Pinterest and combined them with a pattern that I liked. Again, the focus should be on getting into the mood of the city.

Here, the pages are structured very simply: On the left, you can draw up a bucket list with all the places or events you want to experience. Be really free here and dream – list everything you would like to do. What you don’t manage to do during your trip, you simply save for next time.

Here, the pages are structured very simply: On the left, you can draw up a bucket list with all the places or events you want to experience. Be really free here and dream – list everything you would like to do. What you don’t manage to do during your trip, you simply save for next time.

Travel Journal for London

A journey you will remember forever

I went to London for the first time in 2021 and it was a wonderful trip. I could have really used this page for that and will definitely save it for next time.
This overview is more suited to capturing your trip compared to the other two overviews.
On the left side I have enough space for all the important dates, transport information and other things that are essential before the trip. You have already seen what all this can be on the other overviews.
To lighten up the page a bit, I stuck a map of London underneath that I found on Pinterest. The original image was made for canvas – feel free to check it out.
Here you can again note important places on the map or mark paths you want to walk.
I designed the right-hand page as a small travel journal. Sometimes travelling can be so exciting and full of impressions that you don’t have time to process everything. Here I have written down some questions that you can answer during your trip:

  • How did the journey go?
  • How was the first night in the accomodation?
  • What was the best meal you had there?/ What was the first meal you had there?
  • What was the best view you experienced?
  • Did you buy any souvenirs?

Underneath, I still have space for a short summary of the trip. Depending on how long you were on the road, space may be a little tight.
Don’t forget: I have drawn a placeholder for a Polaroid taken during the trip. You could also paste any other picture from your trip here.

If you integrate these pages into your bullet journal, you have the chance to open them often and look forward to them or work towards them. On the other hand, you can open the page again long after your trip and remember all the memories associated with it. Such pages are very valuable in a bullet journal, in my opinion. They bring joy and positive feelings into your everyday life.
What’s your next travel destination and what’s a must-have bullet journal page for your trip? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, Xo — L

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