Bullet Journal – January 2020

Welcome to the first Bullet Journal Setup of the year 202 – welcome to January

My January setup follows seamlessly on from my setup for 2020. It is the same gold tone and the decorations are drawn in the same style. I really liked the elements of the golden 20’s and the Gatsby style, so I wanted to have more of them.

Month at a glance

For January I have painted a double page overview. This time I divided the weeks only horizontally, but I did not separate the days vertically. Since I will be on holiday at the beginning of the year, this is fine.

The design and the font are inspired by Plant Based Bride. I really like their videos and their setups have often served me as a template for my own layouts.

Weekly spreads

My weekly overviews this month do not start until 13 January, as I am on holiday before then and will not be taking my bullet Journal with me. I want to be able to relax completely and not think about work, so a travel journal will support me during this time.

The following weeks will be very exhausting. There’s a trade fair coming up, a new employee has to be trained and my Bachelor’s thesis must finally make progress. Somehow I have to find a balance between my 20 hours of work, my time for my studies, and my free time. Currently, I’m trying to do that with a rolling weekly overview. That means that every day gets half a page and a big to-do list for the whole week. If you want to know more about this system, I can only recommend again the videos of Plant Based Bride.

Everywhere are small decorations in the art deco style. These subtle drawings in the geometrical style look very noble to me. So the pages are elegant and useful at the same time – the best combination for me! I prefer the pattern on the right edge of one side. It took me a lot of concentration, and yet I put some lines in the wrong place, but overall I find it very successful.

Which spread was your favourite this month? Until next time – L.

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