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Autumn mood in August? My setup with atmospheric clouds in green, blue and grey and golden moons brings relaxation and peace to the warm summer days.
This month it will be bright and yellow - July is decorated with many lemons. From rough drawings to abstract illustrations the July weeks are very motivating and cheerful. See for yourself.
My June Bullet Journal design is purple with different plants and branches. There are different weekly overviews for more productivity. Which one do you like best?
My Bullet Journal pages for May are slightly different from the previous pages. I will officially show you some not so nice pages. I had an uncreative phase and here are very much their overviews, which I found useful and helpful during this time.
April will be a very busy and stressful month for me. The theme this month is mountains and wanderlust. All colors are different shades of pink.

All you need is love. And a Bullet Journal. Must have a Bullet Journal.